T3 TO4E Turbocharger

T3 TO4E Turbocharger

The T3/T4 hybrid turbocharger that started it all. This is an excellent turbo with great spool up and response characteristics.

Compressor Specifications:

-50 trim T04E compressor wheel with a max flow rate of 46 lb/min
-0.60 AR T04E compressor housing
-Good to 420 whp.

Turbine Specifications:

-stage 3 (standard)or stage 5 turbine wheel available
-0.48, 0.63 (standard), or 0.82A/R. turbine housing available
-4 bolt standard turbine discharge
-270 degree thrust bearing standard, 360 degree option.

lease choose which trim of the T3 TO4E you would like:

(Standard) 50 Trim: 420HP
54 Trim: 400HP ( Max Flow Rate - 44 lb/min)
57 Trim: 460HP ( Max Flow Rate - 50 lb/min)
60 Trim: 490HP ( Max Flow Rate - 53 lb/min)

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