Blitz Racing Meter DC 60MM Boost Gauge - Black

The electronic Racing Meter DC (Digital Compact) series is one of the most unique gauges on the market. These meters feature a depth of less then 1-inch, and weight 38grams. This allows the DC meters to be mounted almost anywhere in the vehicle. These meters require the use of the Live Unit. Racing Meter DC are only available in 60mm, meters are available in black and white. All meters come complete with all sensors, fittings, and hardware. Available in white, black, and blue.

Live Unit is required for these gauges.

1. Live Unit II: The Live Unit II can control up to 3 gauges; boost, temperature and pressure. The Live Unit II also has an addition temperature sensor outlet, this will enable the user to purchase an extra temperature sensor and let the Temperature Gauge read two different reading.

2. Peak Hold: Peak hold can be shown all at once or by individual gauge. Record and Replay: Can record and replay up to 99 seconds.

3. Warning: All you to set the warning for the gauges.

4. Mode: The DC Meters has 3 different needle modes, real time, delayed mode and pass and hold mode.

5. Contrast Adjustment: Allows the owner to adjust the contrast.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

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