Blitz LM Intercooler Kit S14-S15 SR20DET

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Each BLITZ Intercooler Kit is individually design for each vehicle produce maximum efficiency and performance. All BLITZ intercooler kits come complete with aluminum piping and all the necessary hardware.

Intercoolers provide more power and reliability to any turbocharged vehicle. Intercoolers are heat exchangers, which are used to quickly cool down and dissipate the heat from the intake charge. During intense driving, the turbo compressor wheel super-heats. As a result, compressed air is forced through the turbochargers. Super-heated air reduces the density of the charge air, increasing the chance of detonation and reducing the power output of the vehicle. BLITZ intercoolers are designed to give maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drop. This is especially important if boost pressure is being raised, greatly reducing the chance of detonation. BLITZ intercoolers has the been known as the most efficient intercooler with a pressure drop of .05kg/cm2 at 1.2kg/cm2 of boost.

BLITZ intercoolers are designed to flow considerably more amount of air than the stock intercooler by consistently and rapidly drawing away heat. With its tube and fin design a much greater cooling effect is achieved. A cooler airflow intake means a more dense charge of air, which in turn creates more horsepower. This reduces thermal stress to the turbocharger components and produces gains throughout the power hand.

Blitz LM FMIC kit utilize tube and fin construction for their intercooler core which is very efficient in cooling the charge air intake temperature. The kit comes with all hardwares and pipes except the turbo hot pipe. The kit will require battery miniaturization/relocation and removal/modify the factory bumper support. Another benefit is that it's made to be a universal kit to fit the 180 or Silvia front ends.

* Core measures 24x10.5x2.5"

* Please choose the correct model when ordering. For 'Hybrid Swaps' (ie. S14 chassis with S13 motor, etc) choosing either S13 or S14 FMIC kit based on motor or chassis will still require some level of piping modification. Although choosing the intercooler based on motor will work fine most of the time.

The Blitz intercooler is the most preferred intercooler in Japan, and has proven to be the top choice for most top Japanese tuner shops.

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