Greddy S13 SR20DET Intake Manifold

GReddy Intake Plenums are designed to maximize performance in highly tuned engines. The fine cast-aluminum intake manifolds allow for large volumes of air to get evenly distributed to the cylinders. To achieve the most form larger turbochargers at higher boost levels, a smooth flowing GReddy Intake manifold is a must.

The Greddy S13 SR20DET Intake Manifold will improve mid to high RPM range power, even greater with higher boost and/or upgraded turbos. The install requires some cutting/modification to the fuel rail and throttle pulley.

* Please choose appropriate model when ordering. You have the choice of getting a Greddy cold pipe made specific for S13 SR20DET or S14/15 SR20DET.*

If you have a 70mm Throttle body you have the option of getting a cold pipe specifically for a 70mm throttle body for your Greddy manifold so you don't have to modify your existing cold pipe.

* S14/15 Plenum now comes with option for using Pulsar 70mm throttle body (sold separately).

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.

This product was added to our website on Tuesday 22 June, 2010.