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Kaaz LSD - 240sx


Kaaz Corporation is the top brand name manufacturer and supplier of Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) for racing and street performance in Japan. In 1998, Kaaz USA was established to supply the same high quality parts to the North American market. Today, Kaaz product is recognized as one of the top brand name from Japan in the U.S. racing and performance industry. Many top teams in various racing categories from drifting to road racing use our LSD units for their team cars. Especially in the drifting scene, Kaaz Solid LSD is considered the top choice LSD from beginners to professionals.

The KAAZ Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is a clutch based system, which is very efficient for drag and road racing. 1.5 & 2 way 16 multi-plate clutch type LSD (18 plates if you count the cone spring plates) ensures superior traction and handling.

Due to complexity of this LSD kit, professional installation is required. KAAZ LSD comes with all gaskets, and seals for install.

* LSD application for all 89-98 240SX with factory open diff (Non-Viscous) axle flanges.*

Availability: Usually ships in 7-10 business days.

Which way you goin!?!?

1.5 Way - Is the compromise of a conventional LSD and a 2 way LSD it works some where in the middle. A 1.5 way gives you much stronger lock in the LSD under accelerating than under deceleration, it's generally more forgiving and can be a little more controlled and balanced under braking especially for an inexperienced driver who is drifting or on a road racing course. This one isn't as good as a 2-Way but under deceleration or being "off" the throttle it will make the car easier to handle

2 Way - Gives you lock in both acceleration and deceleration, unlike the 1.5 way. With a 2 way the LSD is ALWAYS active. (thats the difference between the two) This is usually more desirable for drifters simply because no matter how they're working the throttle the LSD reaction is rather constant which allows them to keep the wheels spinning through the corner, the LSD simply doesn't "settle" down mid drift because they released the throttle.

Please choose which way your going :)


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